Podcast #8: Theda Bara

Our latest podcast, produced and presented in April 2018 by Susan Stone.

This time it’s Berlin/Dublin journalist Alix Berber on the original Hollywood vamp Theda Bara. Plus a new short feature highlighting a lovely live lady, singer Pauline Black.

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Show notes:

Here’s Alix at the show, with Theda Bara in the background.

DLS13 (3 of 8)

A selection of Theda-themed merchandise and posters from back in the day.


Theda in that bra.

Bara bra

Watch the surviving Cleopatra material.

Read a less than complimentary NYT review.

And admire the costumes she passed on to a neighbour’s daughter.

Plus some Pauline Black stuff… Follow Pauline on Facebook… Read her autobiography, Black by Design… Watch The Selecter in 1979And in 2017… 

And here’s a photo of Susan’s and Katy’s shoes to finish off.


We’ve used music by Lorin Sklamberger and Los Sundayers in this show. Our theme music is “Little Lily Swing” by Tri-Tachyon.

Thanks for listening! Check back in May for our next episode.