Podcast #7: The Grimké Sisters & Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Our latest podcast, produced and presented in March 2018 by Susan Stone.

Here we have Berlin-based translator Frances Thoms Provine sharing the story of the American abolitionist sisters Sarah and Angelina Grimké.

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Show notes:

Here’s Frances at the show.


And here are the sisters themselves, Angelina on the left and Sarah on the right.

Frances was partly inspired to talk about the sisters by her mom, Nancy Lunsford, a visual artist and songwriter. Nancy very kindly shared her very own Grimké song with us, “Crazy Angelina” – listen to it right here!

You can read the Grimké sisters’ essays and letters, published as On Slavery and Abolitionism. Frances also recommends Gerda Lerner’s biography, The Grimké Sisters from South Carolina.

Plus, Susan debuts a new segment, Woman of the Hour, where we hear about a Dead Lady who’s been getting some fresh attention. This one features Marjory Stoneman Douglas.