The Dead Ladies Show happens every two months or so at ACUD, Berlin, and celebrates ladies* who were fabulous while they were alive, in English and in German. It is also a monthly feminist history podcast!

Each time, we invite two special guests to share their love of particular ladies of yore in the form of lively presentations showcasing these people’s lives, works, and achievements. Covering all walks of life – from ancient mathematicians to silent-movie stars to record-breaking athletes – the Dead Ladies Show is all about women or non-binary people who achieved great things against all odds. We use live footage from the shows as material for a podcast, so deceased-dames fans can also listen in or catch up from wherever they may be. Come and join us, at the very least in spirit!

Co-host Katy Derbyshire is a renowned translator of contemporary German fiction and publisher of V&Q Books. She also teaches translation and co-hosts a monthly translation lab in Berlin.

Co-host Florian Duijsens works as a writer, editor, and translator, is the senior editor of BLAU International, and teaches at Bard College Berlin, and in the Language & Thinking program at Bard College.

Podcast producer Susan Stone is an award-winning radio and print journalist based in Berlin. She’s a contributor to NPR, Monocle 24, Deutsche Welle, and more.

Many Dead Ladies Shows are generously supported by the Berliner Senat.

* a cheeky term that should be read as including (trans) women and non-binary people!