Podcast #3: May Ayim

The third of our monthly podcasts, produced and presented by Susan Stone.

An episode about the Afro-German poet and activist May Ayim, presented by Dead Ladies Show co-host Katy Derbyshire. Plus Berlin poet Mara Sanaga on how May Ayim influenced her work, and Afro-German life in 2017.

Also available on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, RadioPublic, Stitcher, and all other podcast purveyors. You can download the transcript here.

Show notes:

Here’s Katy talking about May, in front of May eating a sweet treat now known as a Schokokuss:

DLS13 (7 of 8)

Here’s May Ayim with her grandfather in Ghana…


…the Afro-German peace activist Fasia Jansen with her accordion back in the supersonic seventies…


…and here’s a more recent photo of our studio guest Mara Sanaga:


You can read some of Mara’s poems on her website.

Watch Maria Binder’s German documentary about May Ayim, Hoffnung im Herz.

Read May Ayim in English:
Showing Our Colors: Afro-German Women Speak Out, University of Massachusetts Press, 1991, translated by Anne V. Adams
Blues in Black and White: A Collection of Essays, Poetry, and Conversations, Africa World Press, 2003, translated by Anne V. Adams

And if you read German, we highly recommend this collection of writing by Afro-German women about May Ayim’s legacy:
Sisters and Souls: Inspirationen von May Ayim, Orlanda Verlag, 2016, edited by Natasha A. Kelly.

Our theme music is “Little Lily Swing” by Tri-Tachyon. Thanks for tuning in! Check back in December for Episode 4.